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To make more understandable what chakras are and how they connect to the physical body, I have created this page for you. Here you can read how the subtle body connects to the physical body and which glands from the endocrine system are connected to which chakra.

The main endocrine glands (pituitary, pineal, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, testis/ovaries, and adrenal) connect through a chakra, nerve centers, and blood vessels.


The seven chakras and their glands:

  1. 7. Sahasrara (crown / purple flower) – located at the top of the head connected with the pituitary gland

  2. 6. Ajna (3rd eye / indigo blue flower) – located between eyebrows slightly above connected with the pineal gland

    5. Visuddha (throat /
    blue flower) –located at the middle throat connected with the thyroids

    4. Anahata (heart /
    green flower) –located at the sternum (between nipples) 3-4 finger-widths above connected with the thymus

  3. 3. Manipura (solar plexus / yellow flower) – located around the navel connected with the pancreas

  4. 2. Svadisthana (sacral/ orange flower) – located at the genitals connected with the ovaries/testis

  5. 1. Muladhara (root / red flower) –
    located at the perineum connected with the adrenal glands

main endocrine system

The chakras absorb the universal life energy split into constituent particles and send them down the Nadis (energy rivers) to the nervous system, the endocrine glands, and then to the blood to feed the body.

This universal life energy is referred to by the Chinese as Qi, the Japanese as Ki, Yogis as Prana, Hippocrates as Vis Mediatrix Naturae (the healing power of nature), and Hermes Trismegistus as Telesma.


In Sanskrit (the primary sacred language of Hinduism and the primary language of most works of Hindu philosophy as well as some of the primary texts of Buddhism and Jainism) the word chakra is roughly translated to the wheel.

Chakras Like An Flower

A chakra is, seen as a flower that can open, be opened, or be closed – depending on the circumstances in life.

For example, the throat chakra stands for communication. When the chakra is overactive, you may be: not a good listener, gossip, may interrupt others, etc. When the chakra is underactive, you may be: having trouble in communicating, not able to express feelings, etc. When the chakra is open, you may be a good listener, able to express feelings, loud voice, etc. The throat chakra connects with the, i.e. thyroid. When the chakra is not closed, you may have problems with your thyroid, neck, jaw, voice, and throat.

So, the best thing is when a chakra is open and balanced.

Chakras are energy gates from the universe to humans. For a person to feel balanced, the seven chakras must be open. However, this is easier said than done. What sometimes happens is that a chakra opens too far and the person is too exposed to negative energy for a particular time.

During the healing session, I will not be only working on your physical, emotional, and mental body, but also on your subtle body. Throughout the healing session, I will be guided intuitively to different areas in your body where attention is needed. The chakras that are not functioning well will be balanced throughout the session.

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