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  • How does healing work?
    It boosts up your life energy which has a significant impact on your physical, emotional and mental body. Hence, as more you are aware of your flaws, diseases and their causes – as more straightforward, it’s going to be for you to heal. For this reason, during the healing process, I work with your subconscious mind (by entering your information field) and seek for trauma or sickness, to help you to heal from it. In the best scenario, when the client is ready and willing to participate in the healing process fully – embracing and exploring his own painful emotional and mental journey, results are forever lasting. Healing works from the surface to deepest layers as deeper is the problem, as more intense therapy should be. It is always beneficial, and it might happen that during the session, the client experiences unpleasant physical or emotional sensations. In those cases, the healing process is breaking blockages; the client just has to allow the light to enter.
  • Can the problem I have, be solved with Metta Healing?
    I can not guarantee anything besides I will do my best to remove the blockages, help you heal, guide you to make the change in your life that are causing the blockages. And please don’t forget that the most significant work has to be done by you. You must have the will to change to heal. Healing is only possible when you make the effort to change, otherwise your problem will fade away for a while and it always comes back. Because the problem is not the body, but the mind.
  • Why is Metta healing not more popular?
    Because I developed it myself and have been sharing it on places where I offer my sessions, people spread it from word-to-mouth. In the past, during growing up, when someone asked me what it is that is being felt in the body I would always say “This is because I love you”. In the past, I did it unconsciously and called it “love” as I did it only to those close to me. When I started going outside and helping others, I realised that I could not call it “love” as this word can have a broad meaning. People can interpret it as romantically or sexual love, and that is not what I do. Since I am an avid meditator and have attended several Vipassana meditation retreats and got in contact with Metta meditation, I felt the call of this word and derived Metta healing from Metta meditation.
  • How do you explain your gift? How much of it is learned, and how much comes naturally to you?
    I have been experiencing since the childhood things I have never understood what it was. Why do my hands feel as they feel, why do I get angry when I am not, why do I feel sad when I am not, why do I have pain when I don’t have it. For years I did not understand why I had mood swings until I realised that most of the experiences came from outside my own body. This I have never been learning, only what I have been learning is to understand that what I feel is not me, myself or I. When I am on myself I know how my body feels and what I feel is myself. Meditation and awareness are what I have been learning from different teachers; this made me more aware of what is going through me to feel more as I did before.
  • Is this something one can learn?
    Some things can and some things can not be taught. I don’t feel ready to teach anyone at this time as I have myself also questions when these will be learned. I might start teaching.
  • How many sessions do I need?
    This is difficult to say, it all depends on the issue you have and how long you’re walking around with it. An average person needs four sessions within 10 days after the first session. I recommend you to have 2 – 3 days rest between the first and second session, this way you will experience how your body is accepting the energy and how you’ll feel after.
  • What are the prices?
    You can find these in under Pricing that you are interested in.
  • Why do I experience pain during the session?
    Pain is a sign there is a blockage present in the body. I compare the human body as the planet we live on. What rain is for the earth, life energy is for the body. When the soil is dry (blockage), and the rain falls, it will create a puddle on the surface. This water will give pressure on the land until the underneath ground becomes wet, and the water from the surface will sink lower. The earth doesn’t experience pain from the weight of the water. When our body is receiving energy, and there is a blockage our body is going to register a pressure, this pressure our body registers as pain. Until the energy flows through the blockage, there is pain, when it goes through the pain will be gone. Once it’s through, you can experience fire or heat going through the other part where the energy removed the blockage.
  • Can I receive healing during pregnancy?
    Definitely, yes. Energy can not harm your baby unless you have fear. In that case, I would recommend myself not to have a session – because your emotional state has influenced not only on your well-being but also your child’s.
  • I am sick (flu/fever / … ) can I have a healing session?
    You certainly can, a healing session will increase your energy, and this will speed up your recovery.
  • How do I prepare myself for Direct Healing Session?
    Direct Healing Session lasts 75 minutes. (including short chat before and feedback after the healing session) Wear comfortable clothing, Please refrain from food 2 hours prior to the healing session, Once you have arrived I will guide you to the room. You and I will have a short chat. Switch off the sound of your phone, I will ask you to remove (if present) your necklace, and hairband. I will ask you if you allow me to touch your body (the private parts and breasts I NEVER touch, at this hight I keep my hands on distance) I will ask you to lay down on the bed in shavasana (on your back, arms and hands along the body) At the end of the session I will ring my bell, when you hear the sound please move your hands. This gives me a sign that all is connected and that you are present and back in your body. I will leave the room to get you a coconut, you will make yourself comfortable and come in a sitting position, I will then start giving you the feedback. I recommend you to make a recording of this so you can listen back. Often it tends to be that people are spaced out and not always ready to receive many words. After our healing session I let go of what I felt and what I have said. See me as a channel between you and your subconscious that is sharing with you what is felt.
  • How can an Remote Healing Session possibly work?
    This goes through the subtle connection between the Universe, you, your intention to receive and me. I connect with you through the Universe, as the energy is not me or mine, the energy is coming from the Universe your way into your subtle body, and this translates it into your mental, emotional, and physical body. These three bodies you’ll feel and different points can be triggered, stimulated.
  • How do I prepare myself for Remote Healing session?
    Remote healing session lasts 60 minutes (including short chat before and feedback after the healing session) Wear comfortable clothing, Please refrain from food 2 hours prior to the healing session, Preferably you want to be in a room where you are alone and in silence. At the scheduled time I will message you using the chat app we have aggreed to and establish a video connection with you. You and I will have a short chat and I will share with you the instructions. You and I will have a short chat. I will ask you to set your timer on 45 minutes Choose some calming, meditational music (I prefer playing 432 Hz during my direct sessions from soundcloud) Switch off the sound of your phone, Lay down, switch on your timer, switch off the sound and put your phone beside yourself. After 45 minutes I will message you "💚🙏🏽" and shortly after I will send you a written feedback with all I have felt. I prefer writing you the feedback instead of speaking to you. Often it tends to be that people are spaced out and not always ready to receive many words. And after the session I let go of what I felt. If you then, after a while, ask me questions about the healing session, the chance I remember it is very small. If you rather have a video conversation with me please share it, I am willing to meet you in your needs. I recommend you then to record what I share with you.
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