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Let me introduce myself

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

A Gift of Energy + Awareness

(This is a follow-up from the about page) I come from a loving intuitive gifted family and grew up in Amsterdam in the 1970s and 1980s. Strong family values and loyalty have been the core of my existence. My parents taught my sister and me to be there for each other. We were raised to never be against each other, to always protect each other. Many people around us would say that together we are like two hands on one belly.

I started to sense and see things at a very early age. It started around the age of 5 or 6.

When I came into physical contact, touching friends and family members I could feel something but had no idea how to make sense of it. Around the age of 24 and onwards, people started sharing that they felt something from those moments. When they asked me what it was, I would often say, “I love you and that is what I give.”

During my adolescence, I observed things my parents and sister could not. I felt the energy going through my hands. I observed qualities in the world that others couldn’t see, I heard what others couldn’t hear, and I felt what others couldn’t feel.

I could sense where pain resides in my friend’s bodies, whether the pain was conscious or unconscious. With practice, I would intuitively place my hands on areas of their physical pain or suffering. With awareness, I felt the purpose for them to be there. My friends confirmed that they had problems in those particular areas, many of them connected to either physical injury, internal illness, or emotional pain.

I wanted to share these experiences with those around me but struggled to articulate what exactly they were. There were no words to capture this.

I couldn’t understand what was going on, so I found myself often suppressing and putting these sensations away in an energetic box, doing all I could to ignore the gift within me.

Imagine a life like that. Quite overwhelming and confusing.

At an older age, I told my parents of my ability to sense the presence of spirits in the same room. Even though my father agreed with these visions because he himself, witnessed similar energies, it brought up a lot of fear within my mother, so I chose to silence myself and stopped expressing my visions.

Despite my mother’s fear of what my father and I could see, my mother also had her own intuitive gifts. She spent years reading tarot cards. My mother was able to warn many people and make them aware of things to come, but after not being able to foretell my sister’s death she immediately put the cards aside. My sister, Dijana, also had a gift. She was well-acquainted with reading tarot cards and coffee grounds.

I shut myself off for many years. Out of fear but also out of insecurity. How can I feel something in my hands and body that others cannot?

It was so important for me at a young age, to be a normal boy, like all the other boys around me. I started playing basketball when I was 7, not because I wanted to – but because my height made it easy. I did things because others thought I should, so I did.

Addiction Recovery

My recovery from addiction gave me an understanding of the human nature of hiding from pain; hiding from experiencing or feeling anything. With energy work and personal guidance, I am able to guide my clients back on the track towards where they want to be: themselves.

Many people assume that I do not know what it means to have an addiction. They can’t see it based on the way I appear and behave. Many have a hard time believing it. My skin and face show no signs of it.

At around the age of 22, I started blending myself into discotheques. Experiencing the vibrant nightlife, I inevitably discovered drugs.

This changed my life drastically. I finally felt myself more differently than ever before, by blocking everything that would point out the gifts within me. I was doing anything I could to fit in, as “normal.” I thought this meant I was “free” to be me, but it created a prison instead. I started to shape myself in ways for others to accept me, by suppressing my authentic self, my soul calling.

I no longer felt energy flowing through my hands and body. I saw no more than what my eyes showed me. I heard no more than what actually was. I didn’t feel anymore unless it was physical touch. I thought I was happy. But nothing could be further from the truth… I was numb to everything.

Becoming Metta Healing

It suddenly happened in 2011, after a wild night of partying, I stopped taking drugs. It was time to give my life a different spin. I began to untangle myself from addictions, through my own healing, exercise, and attuning my connection with the body and mind.

Through my soul calling me to break through this suffering, I was finally strong enough to follow my own path, to not be influenced by how others perceived or expected me to be.

I took the step and moved out of the city I loved. I reconnected with myself and accepted what I have always been pushing away.

I started kickboxing, running, going to the gym daily, and working for law enforcement.

As I shed the layers that no longer served me, I became alone and made space to discover other friendships and communities, that supported a healthier way of living.

During this time, I began to feel my intuitive energy come through my hands and into my overall awareness again. And from then on I knew to listen to this. No longer would I accept the hiding or the suppressing.

Refining Metta as a Purpose In my formative years, I received an education in architecture. I worked in the real estate world with insurance companies, and in construction. Later on I also worked in law enforcement.

Throughout my life I’ve been shaping and refining my methods of energy healing. Even though these gifts came from the universe through me as a channel. I had a responsibility and purpose to understand how it gets amplified when I attune to others, in their presence.

Slowly I transitioned from the more physical and structural channels of doing, and into the healing nature of being.

I became a certified NGS (Dutch Association for Sports Massage) sports masseur in the Netherlands. After this training, it became easier to understand the energy running through my hands. To educate me more about these innate gifts, and understand the concept of energy, I began my education in various healing modalities and began to integrate the knowledge into what I naturally already do in healing.

I don’t use symbols. I use my hands to make a direct connection to the person’s subconsciousness and pain centers. Using the mind to move through the body, I visualize and send healing energy into the spaces. I extract the energies that do not serve, out of the body.

It finally made sense. What I once felt was a wild mystery became more clear to me, that it was the energy of Love. I love, and that is what I offer in healing. Which is how I came to create in 2017, Metta Healing.

In some ways it was necessary, to live through my own suffering, my own choices, my own grieving, and my own path to remember my gift’s purpose. Trying to fit in and hide my energy, cannot be sustained.

It brought me to a better understanding of how I connect and relate with the world, through my own natural being. Through dedication and care, I learned to shape my offerings through different areas of my own healing and training, into what I have now.

People will wonder “why” I do this. And there isn’t really a true “why.”

There is no why; what I do is not a choice.

There is no choice in my purpose. It is who I am. And in this world, I cannot be anyone else but myself.

If I don’t share this healing with the world, I am going against my divine nature. My gift is not here to be kept within me, it is here to be shared with others, like you.

Hello dear soul. My name is David Stojanović, from the Netherlands, born 1st of May 1975 in Amsterdam.

If you would like to share your story with me too, let’s talk. I’d love to learn about what you’re struggling with and we can create a holistic approach to your healing, with Metta 💚🙏🏽

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