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Payment instructions
(direct healing

Supported by REVOLUT
Credit card/ Apple Pay/ Google Pay

  1. Direct healing 1 session
    € 184,50  (incl 2,5% credit card fee)

  2. Distance healing 4 sessions (12,5% discount)
    € 645,75 (incl 2,5% credit card fee)

  3. If you have Revolut you can also transfer to my account @mettahealing €180 or €630 (12,5% discount) without an extra fee 

Supported by

(or bank transfer, no extra cost)

1 session € 180

4 sessions € 630

Account holder:   Metta Holistic Support co. LTD
BIC:                 TRWIBEB1XXX
IBAN:               BE71 9671 0706 9269
Wise's address:  Rue du Trône 100, 3rd floor


If you have an account you can also transfer directly to my registered email that is connected to my business account:

Please send me your payment slip on Whatsapp or Email



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