Metta Massage & Cupping: What is it?

Metta Massage is only possible after we have done Metta Healing session previously.

Metta Massage is an individual therapy that I offer only to clients who have previously done a Metta Healing session.

I believe that all problems such as muscle stiffness are a result of energy blockages in the mind and body.
Due to these blockages, stiffness in the body can appear.


All my therapies are focused on making you better, I don't provide massage for relaxation only. 

When we think that a massage therapist will help us heal the stiffness in our body by giving us frequently a massage, we will keep going back for a long period of time to the therapist. Because the root is not in the muscle but in your subconscious mind. As long as you don't understand what is causing you the problem you might endlessly keep visiting a massage therapist.

With massage, the problem is alleviated but not solved.

In general, physical problems and stiffness will return if the problems are only dealt with on the surface.

We often think that a sitting position is the problem of the pain we can develop in the body.
Which is also true, but not the main cause. We often have psychological pressure in the head which is then radiated onto the body, which can influence the sitting position.


I don't offer my massages for relaxation, which does happen, but the most important thing is that we have to work on the mental to prevent the physical from coming back. With Metta Healing I bring you to your consciousness what takes place in the subconscious, with this knowledge and the tools I have given you - you can do your work.

And with massaging and healing I will try to make your body pain-free and heal.

Since I can't switch on and off the energy that flows through my body as desired, I have called it Metta Massage.

Metta Massage is a combination of NGS Sports Massage (from the Netherlands), Tuina (Chinese massage), Indian Head Massage, Intuitive Energy Massage, fire cupping (option), and a short Metta Healing session at the end.

The Massage

Upon entering the location, I will lead you to the room and ask you to take off your clothes and keep your underwear on. 

I will leave the room, you can get yourself ready, lie on your stomach and cover yourself with the towel that is on the bed.

Preferably no boxer shorts if you want the buttocks to be massaged as well.

During the massage only the body part that is being massaged or foreseen from cups will be uncovered, all other body parts will be kept covered at all times.

For this massage, I make use of coconut oil.

Before the massage, I give you the opportunity to indicate whether you give me permission to use cupping.

A placed cup on the body will warm the skin and increase blood flow.

A cup stays in one place for a few minutes after which I put the cups in a different position or I slide the cups over the skin.
While the cups are on your body I will continue massaging your body.

In my practice, I work with glass cups and fire.

There is a difference in where the cups are placed for men and women.
The cups can be placed anywhere on the torso, arms, and legs.

With women, I will not place the cups on the chest.

metta massage cupping 1_edited.jpg
metta massage cupping woman.webp

History of Cupping

Chinese Cupping is a Taoist practice that goes back to ancient China AD 281.

Its administration was first recorded by Ge Hong, who used animal horns for cupping. Therefore it was called ‘Horn technique of Healing’. Later the cups were made from bamboo, then ceramic. The cups would have been heated with fire and then placed on the skin. When the cups are cooling down they would pull the skin inside.

The modern technique of cupping is using cups made of glass and fine plastic. To apply glass cups fire is being used, for plastic vacuum pomp.

Ge Hong was an Alchemist and medicinal Herbalist, who experimented a lot with different drugs and minerals. He lived from AD 283 – 343 or 363. He was the first scholar who wrote about the practice of alchemy.

Taoists claim that the suction of the cups helps with the flow of ‘Qi’ in the body. Qi is a Chinese word and means ‘Life Force’. And  believe that cupping helps with balancing the
‘Yin and Yang’ in the body. Restoring the balance between the two is thought to help with the body’s resistance to pathogens as well as its ability to increase blood flow and reduce pain.


metta holistic massage
  • The vacuum created produces a  suction effect that increases blood circulation to the local area, relaxes muscle tissue, and releases the factors causing pain.

  • It is used to treat colds, lung infections, and problems in the internal organs.

  • It is also used to treat joint pain and spasms, particularly in the back.

  • On a deeper therapeutic level, cupping is very beneficial for many conditions such as high blood pressure, anxiety, fatigue, chronic headache, pain, inflammation, relaxing and removing cramps.


After the treatment, I will give you feedback based on the cups. 

The massage lasts 90 minutes.

Please refrain from eating 2 hours prior to the massage, and up to 2 hours after cupping no contact with water.


I ask for a massage including/ excluding cupping 2500thb