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What is Metta healing?

*Metta is a Sanskrit word derived from the Pali language. It means loving-kindness, friendship, companionship, goodwill, and an active interest in others.

Metta healing focuses on the body’s emotional, psychological, physical, and soft tissues.

By using this signature modality, I can help you understand what is causing your mind and body distress.

This distress is often caused by negative or uncomfortable experiences you have had with another person or with yourself throughout your life. These experiences are experienced by your conscious mind and recorded by your subconscious mind, which is then stored elsewhere in your body.


I have seen that all sickness and emotional distress are due to energetic blockages our subconscious mind has recorded and keeps re-experiencing.

Our thoughts and feelings through our subconscious are then transmitted to our bodies through different ways and organs.


With my healing technique, I feel the blockages, the root, and cause of the blockages, and I share this with you in the feedback form.


I have been blessed with a sixth sense that allows me to connect with your unconscious mind and divine the unresolved emotions that are causing your distress. This allows me to heal you by removing the blockages and providing loving 'metta' energy.

How does Metta healing work?

First, I don't want to know anything about you, except your name. 

The less I know about you, the better for me. This means I won't be affected by any information you've given me. This includes if you've been diagnosed with any medical condition by a doctor.


As soon as you walk in the door and start talking to me, I'm already starting to pick up on you. Where are the aches/problems happening? On your left, right, or both? Which side of your body is more dominant? Whatever is going on in your body, I'm going to take over and feel it, as if it's my own feeling/emotion/thought.


If you've shared your problems with me, I won't know what is going on because I'm feeling it, or because I'm using my auto-summation (what you've shared). Therefore I prefer not knowing your problems before we get started. After the session, you can tell me everything.


For the best results, I suggest you do 4 sessions. Over the years, this has proven to be the most effective approach. During the initial session, I conduct a complete body scan, where I can feel all the energy blockages in your body, as well as any aches or pains you may not be aware of. Because of the society we live in, most of us are more focused on our heads than the rest of our bodies. This “problem” is that we are so focused on our heads that we are not aware of the rest of our bodies. After the initial session, you may already feel more whole than you did after the first session. I will share my feedback with you after the first session on what I did and what I suggest you do next. If you have already booked for the following sessions, continue to elevate your energy, remove blockages, heal what is hurting, balance your chakras, and fasten the healing process.


During my sessions, I never talk about medical illnesses. Instead, I point out the blockages and issues I am experiencing. A doctor will diagnose you, and I will tell you where the problem is occurring and what emotion/experiences the problem is related to.

For example, a man came to my session on the first day. I didn't know anything about him except that he was a guest at the resort and married. During my session, I had difficulty breathing, and I felt like someone was squeezing my throat.

After the session, I told him what I was experiencing, and he couldn't believe it. He said he went from doctor to doctor, doctor to doctor, trying to figure out what was wrong with his body, and why he was having these problems. Unfortunately, the doctors weren't able to give him any answers, so he was diagnosed with psychosomatic illness.

Over the years, I've come to understand that psychosomatic illnesses are energy blockages that have not yet fully developed into physical illnesses, and therefore not traceable by the medicinal world.

For example, Years ago, I was working with a psychologist in Serbia who had a male client who would come to her for therapy. The psychologist was unable to help him, so she asked me to try. During the first session, I noticed a heavy weight on his left shoulder and a pain in his neck. 

At the end of the session I gave him the feedback, he thought the psychologist had given him information, which she had not. The man was a doctor, and he had trouble understanding how I could sense his pain as if it were my own. I sensed that his pain was connected to a man he was carrying around, a man he didn’t let go of, a man who gave him grief. Then I sensed that this man had lost his father and was struggling to let go of him. During this conversation, the pressure on his neck and shoulder eased, and the reasons for his coming were lifted.


After the first session, I raise your energy to a higher level than before, but it will most likely drop back down because of the way your life is going, change is not possible overnight, unfortunately. After the next session, I will raise your energy back to a higher level, and keep it higher than where you left off with me. I recommend doing this within 10 to 14 days. Between the first and second sessions, have 1 or 2 days of rest. After this, have one day of rest after each session. Doing one session per week will bring your energy to peaks and valleys, which is not good for your healing. Some people only want one session as a trial run or just to see how they respond to what I do. It is all up to you how you choose to do it.


Over the years, I have seen that only a handful of people have enough to have one session. Most people need 4 sessions. And some need more, depending on how deep the problem is rooted.


Your healing is in your hands when you are unwilling to let go of past mistakes, unwilling to accept what has happened, unwilling to forgive, continue to blame others instead of yourself, refuse to take responsibility for your actions, and continue to point the finger at others, your healing journey may become a lifelong endeavor. 


At the end of each session, I give a feedback and it can happen I will tell you what I told you before. Sometimes we need to hear the same thing more times to make a change.


Most of the issues we face in our lives stem from our childhood. Between the ages of 0-10, we experience both good and bad experiences. The good experiences we let go of, and the bad experiences we push away. We think we don't think about them because we think they don't hurt us, but in reality, they do. By ignoring them, we don't accept what happened, and our subconscious mind keeps repeating it until it surfaces as a physical/emotional/mental issue.


The problems that you have experienced in your childhood will most likely reoccur as you grow up and later in your life. Only when you understand and accept the past will you know how to deal with it.


For example:

A man approached me with some physical pain and anger towards his father. In the session, I did not feel anger towards a man but rather towards a woman. During the session, I asked the man at what age (with my mind) the fear caused the anger to occur. Age 3/4y came up. After the session, I asked him questions about his mother. He said he had a wonderful relationship with her and that the problem was not his mother but his father. I asked him what his relationship with his father was like, he said it was good but he was bad towards his mother. His relationship with his father had been good and there were no issues therefor. After he returned home to Europe and met his mother, he told me what happened. His mother told him that his father was always kind to him, he never hurt him, and that he was always there for him. He said that I mentioned that I mentioned his mother giving him fear and anger, but that he can't relate to that. She told him what happened at that age. Hearing her words made him feel as if a huge weight had been lifted from his body and mind.

Through Metta healing, I can reach deep inside you to find where the issue lies and where the trauma occurred. For example, you may carry a memory of a loved one that is no longer with you. You may have difficulty speaking because you have repressed your words since childhood. Or, you may have experienced abuse from a person that you have tried to push away.

* abuse I rather mention as an unpleasant experience, I will not name the abuse as what I feel or see. I rather choose for you to remember, and see. I choose not to put any words or experiences in your head. 




  • Physical Pain (muscles, joints, tendons, tension)

  • Symptoms of Illness 

  • Trauma

The Process

There are many ways to heal pain, some by direct touch and others by distance healing.


My method of healing is likely to differ from what you have experienced before. My primary objective is not only to remove pain but to help you understand what is going on in your subconscious mind.

After all, this is where our problems originate. Removing the pain doesn't mean the problem is gone. I rather heal and help you see the problem, so you can lift it and not let happen again.


Pain can be removed in many ways, some will use healing and other medicine.


All ‘bad’ thoughts and feelings are stored in your subconscious mind – and from there, they are stored in your organs and limbs.

Does distance healing work?

Many people think distance healing doesn’t work until they’ve tried it.
Often is thought that to heal a direct connection is needed, which isn’t the case. I can reach you anywhere in the world and you’ll feel my work on different areas of your body like we’re in the same room. 

The key difference between these two working methods is that I’m not physically touching your body. I connect with you through your name and your family name, for more information I don’t need to work with you. I still can scan and feel within me your pains/issues.


If you choose to do a distance session, I’ll contact you on WhatsApp after you set your day and time and make your payment. I’ll call you on the scheduled date and time to see if you’re ready for the session. That means you’ll be in your room, where you’re not disturbed by other people. You’ve set your alarm at 45 minutes.


You’ve chosen some meditation music to listen in the background. If you don’t have any I can share my playlist on SoundCloud.

I want you to lie on your back for the session, arms and legs stretched out (don’t cross your legs, or cover your body with your arms). I recommend not having a pillow, to keep your neck/spine straight. If you have lower back pain while on your back please use a pillow underneath your knees.


Once you’ve confirmed you’re ready, we’ll turn off our phones and you’ll lie down. You silence your phone or put in airplane mode. Once I’m done, after 45 minutes, I will send you a message on WhatsApp, and I’ll go to my Google Docs to write you feedback. When I am done I will share with you the link to this document.
You can share with me after our first session anything private you want to share, and your experience of the session.

If it happens that when your alarm goes that you are in a deep meditative state and don't want to open your eyes, please, keep lying in your state and enjoy. When you feel good you can message me. 

I prefer writing a doc for feedback as I have experienced over the years that people are spaced out and not always present when I share the feedback. Because when you do a distance session you can relax more and deeper than when you are in my space and feel my physical presence. 
If it happens that you prefer to have a chat with me after the doc and session, please let me know, I am here for you.

Duration session 45 minutes, short talk before and feedback after 15 minutes. Please keep in mind that sometimes my sessions take more time and feedback/talk can take 15 minutes longer than booked.

My personal opinion is that a distance session can be stronger than direct, this is all due to you being in your private space and surrounding. Distance sessions are not less in quality because you don't see me.

You are having more questions?

Please take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions if you're answer is there, if you can not find please do not hesitate to message me. 

It is my pleasure to help you and I appreciate the responsibility, will, and strength you are taking in your life to work on your well-being, health, and happiness for a better and healthier life. 

With Metta 


“ The biggest transformation and challenge in life is to become who you are.
Not to get lost, and bloom in your own light and gift.”

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