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Explained what Metta healing is and what the benefits are.

What is Metta Healing?

Metta Healing is a form of holistic healing that works on the emotional, mental, physical, and subtle bodies.

This signature modality allows me to help you understand the mind-body connection that is causing one, many or all of these bodies distress. 


This mind-body connection is often disturbed by negative or unpleasant experiences one has experienced with another human being or the self. These moments are experienced by the conscious mind, recorded by the subconscious mind, and stored elsewhere in the body.


I believe all illness and emotional distress are caused by energetic blockages that our subconscious mind re-experiences over and over again. What we believe or feel through our subconscious mind is then communicated to our body through various pathways and organs.

With Metta Healing, I feel these blockages, their root and/ or cause, and share that with you at the end of the healing session in the feedback.


I developed this healing technique based on my unique ability to feel your emotional energy and connect with your subconscious mind. This sixth sense I’ve been gifted with allows me to divine what unresolved emotions are causing you distress, which I then heal by removing blockages and giving loving ‘metta’ energy.

*Metta is a word that comes from the sacred language Pali and means loving-kindness, friendliness, amity, goodwill, and active interest in others.

How does Metta Healing work?

I start the session by holding my hands on your head to tap into your subconscious. The information I receive tells me about your unique mind-body connection. Your subconscious will provide me with insights that help me to understand how your energetic body is being affected by what you are unknowingly carrying in your mind.


Throughout the session, I will connect with your energy and work my way through problem areas so I can feel any pain you are carrying and sense where your energy is blocked (my gift allows me to feel this within my own body).


After sensing where you require healing, I can move, unblock and take away energy that isn’t serving you well, and I can also give energy that will elevate your energy and affect your ability to heal on your own (most energy healers aren’t able to take energy, this is a unique ability I have to offer). 


Through this method of giving and taking, I will clear blockages and raise your energy level, which will provide healing based on your unique needs.


After the session, I will provide you with feedback on everything I felt in your body and what I feel it could be related to. My feedback reports speak to emotions or trauma that likely haven’t been dealt with and, as a result of being pushed away or forced to forget, these feelings are trapped in your subconscious mind and body causing you pain. 


To give you an example, my report might suggest things like: ”I felt a lot of anger and/or sadness - I got the feeling it was unresolved anger towards a man,” or “you have an energy blockage in the womb, which could relate to issues with…” etc.

Who is Metta Healing for?

Metta healing is for everyone, not just for people with pain or illness. 


Many healthy people come to me when they want to check for energy blockages. There is no human being on this planet who is completely healthy, everyone has pain and problems. 

Metta Healing can help detect hidden problems and pain that might be worth taking precautions towards. I am not a doctor, and I can not provide medical counsel, but I can tell you whether I feel anything within you that might warrant a medical check-up.




  • Physical Pain (muscles, joints, tendons, tension)

  • Symptoms of Illness 

  • Trauma

The Process

Healing can take place by direct touch or distance healing.

The way I heal is most likely different from what you’ve experienced before. My main goal is not only to take away the pain but to make you aware of what is happening in your subconscious. This is after all where our problems come from. 

Removing pain can be done in many different ways, some will heal and others will use the medicine. 


All ‘negative’ experiences and emotions are stored in the subconscious mind – from where they are stored elsewhere in the organs and limbs.

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You are having more questions?

Please take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions if you're answer is there, if you can not find please do not hesitate to message me. 

It is my pleasure to help you and I appreciate the responsibility, will, and strength you are taking in your life to work on your well-being, health, and happiness for a better and healthier life. 

With Metta 

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“ The biggest transformation and challenge in life is to become who you are.
Not to get lost, and bloom in your own light and gift.”

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