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Energy Channeling Meditation:
How to setup Telegram app

Thank you for your interest in Energy Channeling Meditation. Due to maintain your privacy, I have chosen to use the Telegram app.

After installation, I recommend that you go to your settings and protect your telephone number there. After you have gone through the steps, send me a private message, my nickname is @MettaHealing or you can click on this link

I will then place you in the group where you will see a link to the mindfulness video, as well as information if you want to donate, and what my details are.

If you have friends or family members who you think would like to use this, you can give them my details. Just let them say who referred them.

I want to prevent the group from becoming loaded with spammers and scammers.

If you have additional questions, I would like to hear from you.

See the screenshot below for the settings as well as feedback from someone who participated two years ago before I temporarily stopped.

Send you Metta


For your safety, I recommend that you download the app using

After you get here you will see the option to download it.

The link will then redirect you to the App Store or Google Play.

Download the app.

After you have gone through all the steps.

Now go to your settings > Privacy & Security

Activate - Two Step Verification

Phone Number > My Contacts
Last Seen & Online > *your preference*
Profile Photos > *your preference*
Bio > *your preference*
Forwarded Messages > *your preference*
Calls > *your preference*
Groups & Channels > *your preference* (keep in mind if you put this on "Nobody" I will not be able to add you to the group. First send me a message, allow me to add you, and then put on nobody if you' ld like)

Telegram setup1.jpg
Telegram setup_edited.jpg

After you have entered the group you will see in the top three pinned messages. There you can find the Mindfulness of Breathing pdf, Youtube video Mindfulness meditation explained, and information for donation. These three will always be pinned at the top, I will add more information there in the near future.

telegram group.jpg

And as last a feedback from two years ago....

feedback ecm.jpg

With Metta 💚🙏🏽


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