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Direct healing

on Koh Phangan, 80-90 minutes session

1 session € 180

4 sessions € 630

Distance healing

distance healing 60-75 minutes session

4 sessions € 600

Unfortunately, I have to ask for payment in advance to secure bookings because no-shows and people who neglect to provide cancellation notice take up my calendar availability, which wastes my time and stops me from being able to serve people who need healing. Thank you for understanding.

After your appointment is reserved, you will be redirected back to the website with payment instructions for direct or distance healing.


You can choose from:

1) CreditCard/ Apple Pay/ Google Pay, (additional fee +2,5%) 

2) Or you can transfer using my tag name (@mettahealing) on Revolut, no additional fee.

3) Or you can transfer via bank to my business account. You can do this from your bank or you can use Wise

Once your payment is made, and the appointment is secured, please send me your payment slip (via email or WhatsApp).


After receiving your payment I will contact you on WhatsApp and share how to reach my location.

I also offer direct healing sessions at:

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